People suck

I find social media 15% useful and 85% annoying.
I think this is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people piss me off with their blatant stupidity.
Is your dinner really that interesting in the scheme of your life that you need to share a picture of it?Will you also post one showing what it looks like on re entry to the world?
Do you really think everyone needs to see you in your underwear, or hear about your dramas with yo’ baby daddy?
Does it make you feel good to get up to level 50 on candy crush?
And do you get your jollies airing your dirty laundry or having a public fight with thousands of voiyers sitting on the couch with their coke and popcorn?
Here’s a few points to think about before you hit ‘Post’ next time:
-Everyone eats. We have been doing it since the dawn of time and will continue to do so regardless of whether you feel the need to show everyone. Good on you for continuing the process.
-Unless your Miranda Kerr and earn millions of dollars walking around in your underwear, the other graduates of your year 12 class (and the general population) do not need to see your arse in their news feed because you need superficial positive comments about how your a ‘Sexy Mummy!’
Or your ‘lookin good ;)’
-No one needs to know if your ex beat you or abused your children, that is a private matter and when your children grow up they won’t appreciate that you have informed the world of said private matters on Facebook and Twitter.
-Instead of sitting on your phone playing pointless games,put down your phone, Ipad or Tablet and PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN. If you don’t have kids- get a Job or a social hobby where you interact with real people.Talk to your family. ANYTHING.
But when your 90yrs old and sitting in a nursing home wouldn’t you rather remember spending quality time with loved ones instead of beating a silly game?
-Don’t pick fights on social media that you wouldn’t be willing to have in person and don’t invite the masses to get involved in attacking someone or their point of view, whether it be right or wrong.
Unless your an arsehole. Then, please spend your time in a more productive fashion;for example working out how you can get a lobotomy or a permanent form of birth control so the rest of us don’t have to put up with your crap infecting the gene pool in future generations.
Rant over. Have a good day peeps!


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